Current and Past Exhibitions at Glebe Gallery are Listed Below

Contemporary Donegal - Glebe Gallery Myrid Carten, Áine McBride, and Cliodhna Timoney

28th May – 2nd September 2022

The Glebe Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of new work by three of Irelands most important early career contemporary artists and rising stars in the International art world. Myrid Carten, Áine McBride and Cliodhna Timoney have all made work that is both immediate and fresh and all three have strong ties to Donegal having been born here or lived and worked in the County at times during their careers.

Myrid Carten works in moving image. Using documentary and fiction, and often a playful combination of both, her films interrogate both the struggle for intimacy and the ways we are compromised by our pasts.

Áine McBride is an artist who works with sculpture and photographic elements, often using construction and utility materials to create instillations.

Cliodhna Timoney works across sculpture, imagery, video and sound to investigate various subjects such as place, memory, folklore, rural and vernacular culture and the nonhuman. Timoney considers specific sites of interest such as the dancefloors of rural nightclubs, the backroads of the Northwest of Ireland and the farm she grew up on as stages or arenas that hold the potential to enact intimacy, escapism, excess or destruction.

contemporary donegal

Sven Anderson - Collection 2021/2022

Medium: Six-channel site-specific sound installation

Duration: Infinite

Collection is a new sound installation for Glebe House and Gallery.

The sounds that form the material of the installation are drawn from Derek Hill’s collection of over 1500 phonographs. Hill’s music collection includes a range of vocal and orchestral recordings dating as far back as the early 1900s. Many of these records compile rare recordings that capture the voices of famous opera singers throughout their dramatic careers.

In this installation, fragments from a selection of these recordings have been transformed into delicate acoustic textures that stretch away from Glebe House down to Lough Gartan.

The installation progresses through a series of movements that sway between the euphoric and the melancholic, echoing the successes and failures that define the lives of the singers and composers that they recall. Bordered by stretches of silence, these movements allow other sounds to come in and out of focus within the landscape.

Collectioncan be heard between 11AM and 6PM every day of the week, emerging from the western side of Glebe House on the opposite side of the wall from where Hill used to listen to his records inside. The installation can be experienced from different locations outside of the house and within the surrounding gardens.

To complement the sound installation launched in summer 2021, Collectionwill include a limited-edition vinyl LP that will be released in spring 2022.

More information is available online at: http://collection.svenanderson.net

Annual Easter Open Art Competition

11th – 19th April, 2020

Given the uncertainty around the current global pandemic we have taken the decision not to proceed with the Easter Open Art Competition this year. We understand that people will be disappointed and have already put a lot of work into their artworks for this competition and we are very sorry for the inconvenience this causes. 

Sending you all our best wishes for the coming weeks.




We are busy putting together an exciting programme for 2022. Check back here for more information soon.

An Tír Mhór - Summer 2020

This exhibition  was drawn from the Derek Hill Collection that is normally housed in the Glebe House.

When we realized that we could not go ahead with our planned exhibition program for 2020 we decided to look at our own collection and try to find a fresh approach to exhibiting it. Some of our most important artworks are in this show but there are also pictures that almost never get exhibited as well.

Pictures are grouped together two meters apart to help with physical distancing so this is a much smaller exhibition than we would normally mount. The extra space has allowed us to look deeper at some of the artworks with more comprehensive labels. Each staff member was asked to choose their favorite works from the collection and compose the labels for them. We also used our social media to ask for suggestions.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Locky Morris

8th September – 3rd November, 2019


21st Century Ireland in 21 Artworks

Curated by Cristín Leach

13th July – 14th September 2019


Shapes of the Land –  Three Women Artists – Sarah Davidson, Maura McGlynn, and Heidi Nguyen
25th May – 30th June  2019 (closed Fridays)





Line of Inquiry – Rian Kerrane


9th September 2018


Tradition and Innovation 

A selection of works from the RHA collection

8th July – 12nd September 2018



Helena Gorey

27th May – 31st June 2018


Glebe Gallery Easter Open Art Competition Exhibition 2018

31st March – 8th April



Point and Click –  Six Photographers from the North West of Ireland

4th August – 39th September 2017 (closed Fridays)


SPACE – An Exhibition About The World

SPACE investigates how artists decode the world we have made for ourselves. Encompassing many socially aware art forms with works by leading Irish and International artists, this exhibition takes the built and imagined environment as a broad theme and examines inclusion/exclusion and the human experience.

Ranging from Islamic architectural drawing to Arts and Carft design, from Victorian painting to contemporary art, and including works by Marina Abramović, Josef Albers, Helen Maria Vieira da Silva, Grayson Perry, Antony Gormley, Graham Sutherland, Edwin Landseer, Jack Butler Yeats, Maud Cotter, Camille Souter, and Norah McGuinness.

1st July – 3rd September, 2017



An exhibition drawn from the Glebe Gallery Collection 

27th May – 29th June, 2017 (closed Fridays)


Annual Easter Open Art Competition 2017


Annual Easter Open Art Competition

26th March – 3rd April, 2016

The annual Easter Exhibition showing works by many artists from the North West of Ireland will run from Saturday 26th March until Sunday 2nd April 2016. The opening will be held on the evening of Friday 25th March at 7pm.

Trinity’s ‘College Gallery’: The Swing of the Sixties

4th July – 27th September 2015

The Glebe Gallery is delighted to present a special selection of 20th century works from The Trinity College Dublin Art Collections. Originally conceived by Lismore Castle Arts with invited curator and Trinity alumnus Richard Wood, the exhibition features key Irish and international pieces by Josef Albers, Karel Appel, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Patrick Collins, Barrie Cooke, Micheal Farrell, Robert Indiana, Cecil King, Roy Lichtenstein, Nano Reid, Patrick Scott, William Scott, Peter Sedgley, and Victor Vasarely, accompanied by a portrait of George Dawson by Mick O’Dea.

Download the exhibition pamphlet

Hunter: An exhibition by Sarah Lewtas

28th May – 28th June 2015

Sarah Lewtas has lived and worked in Co Donegal for over thirty years and has previously contributed to a number of exhibitions here at the Glebe Gallery. This is her first solo exhibition in this gallery and includes work produced over a period of years and in a variety of media – from drawing to video and from books bound in crow’s wings to sewn and quilted installations.

For further information you can download the exhibition catalogue here.

To visit Sarah’s website click here.

An Exhibition of Ceramics by Con Lynch

7th September – 28th September 2014

Con Lynch is a Sligo-based ceramicist. The pots in this exhibition are all recent works. They are made from clays and glazes Con collected in the North West of Ireland. The show is intensely beautiful.

Many of the pots are Raku fired. The term Raku, in Japanese, means ‘enjoyment’, ‘satisfaction’, or ‘comfort’. The word refers to a type of ware and also to an entire process and belief. It originated in the sixteenth century during the construction of a palace in Kyoto called Jurakudai. Before the mid-twentieth century American potters, working in Japan, had become familiar with the process of Raku firing and, on returning home, began experimenting with the fast firing and cooling. From these experiments grew the practice of contempory Raku.

Patrick Scott: Image Space Light

14th July – 29th August 2014

Following the widely acclaimed exhibition at IMMA and VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, The Regional Cultural Centre and Glebe House and Gallery, present Patrick Scott: IMAGE SPACE LIGHT as a single exhibition across the two venues to bring to public attention the breadth and distinction of his career as an artist, designer and architect.

Scott’s unique vision has consistently pursued formal rigour and experimentation through the calibration of line, image, space and light. He is renowned as the first Irish exponent of pure abstraction. At The Regional Cultural Centre the second part of Scott’s career is presented with a display of the artist’s tapestries, a medium in which he is matched by few in the history of 20th century design, and a selection of superlative Gold Paintings ranging in date from the 1960s to the present day. Also at the RCC are examples of Scott’s folding screens, the Tables for Meditation, and various suites of work on paper including the Gestural drawings and the Meditations prints.

The paintings exhibited at Glebe House range across the naïve style birds in schematic landscapes of the artist’s White Stag related work during the 1940s, the urban and domestic inspired ‘structural’ compositions of the 1950s, the soaked canvases of the bog and lakeland ‘process’ paintings and the explosive beauty of poured and dripped painting in the Device works of the early 1960s. There is also an early example of the contemplative Gold Paintings that combine in infinite permutations the textures of raw canvas, white tempera and gold leaf, arguably Scott’s signature expression. The Glebe Gallery also includes Scott’s design work during the 1950s and 60s and works related to ROSC ’67.

BE(LONGING): Selena Mowat at the Glebe Gallery

31st May – 1st July 2014

This was Donegal-based Scottish artist, Selena Mowat’s, first major show. Mowat was the winner of Sky’s Portrait Artist of the Year (Ireland) in 2013, and a graduate of Art and Design in the University of Dundee. This exhibition collected thirty portraits and twenty landscapes.

“The exhibition is called (Be)longing as it’s central theme is about the sense of belonging to a place and I painted the works in three different places.” – Mowat.

The Road Taken/ An Bóthar Taistealta: Derek Hill’s Donegal Legacy

7 July – 29 September 2013

Derek Hill lived in Donegal for 50 years and in that time he brought a host of iconic cultural figures to visit Donegal, contributing significantly to the local arts scene.

The Road Taken looks what happens when you choose the more interesting path, the challenges and rewards resulting from taking the more uncertain road. In Hill’s case it brought him to County Donegal, a place whose beauty and people he wanted to share with his friends.

This exhibition sought to explore Hill’s effect on the arts in Donegal and included works by internationally renowned artists like Henry Moore, Sidney Nolan, Jack Yeats, Victor Pasmore, Josef Beuys and Victor Vasarely, as well as the many Irish Artists he became close to. It also contained a wealth of never before seen archival material.

Derek Hill once inspired legendary British composer Benjamin Britten to compose a choral work in commemoration of Saint Colmcille. To celebrate the centenary of Britten’s birth, his Hymn to St. Columba was performed at the opening of the exhibition on Sunday the 7th of July at 4pm.

The Glebe Gallery/Office of Public Works presented this exhibition in association with Earagail Arts Festival

The Donegal Hills: Derek Hill’s Donegal Paintings

1 August – 3 October 2010

On the tenth anniversary of the death of Derek Hill the Office of Public Works exhibited a collection of his paintings. The Donegal Hills celebrated Derek’s life in Donegal with portraits and landscapes drawn from public and private collections throughout Ireland and the UK.

Some highlights from the exhibition are presented here. All images are copyrighted to the Office of Public Works, and all originals are in the Derek Hill Collection at Glebe House and Gallery.

You can download a a low-resolution PDF of the exhibition catalogue here.

The Donegal Hills: Derek Hill's Donegal Paintings

Use the arrows to the left and right to explore some highlights from this exhibition.

All paintings are by Derek Hill.

James Rodgers

Oil on canvas, 48 x 52.5 cm.

McGinty's Chicken Coop, Tory, 1991

Oil on board, 15.5 x 22.5 cm.

Erskine Childers, President of Ireland, 1974

Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 100.5 cm.

Eddie Moore, 1972

Oil on canvas, 61 x 71 cm.

Donegal Late Harvest

Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 122 cm.

Gartan from Harley's of Glendowan, c. 1958

Oil on card, 34.5 x 61 cm.

Gracie McDermott

Oil on canvas, 44 x 39 cm.